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Blue light: Its dangers and how to protect yourself

Blue light: Its dangers and how to protect yourself

The blue light emitted by the screens has invaded our daily lives: from our youngest age, we spent most of our days with our eyes fixed on computers , the tablets,  telephones or the television. The consumer society has really transformed us into digital addicts.

We live in a society where every home is equipped with more screens than ever and where children and teenagers are exposed to blue light because they often have a personal computer and a smartphone. Whether it is to play video games, watch movies or go on social networks, both adolescents  and adults spend more time behind the screens than our eyes were designed for

Understood ! But what exactly is blue light?

the blue light is a part of the spectrum of light that is composed of electromagnetic particles moving by waves. The energy of these waves varies according to their length, the amount of energy produced being inversely proportional to the wavelength. Here is the composition of the spectrum of light:

- Blue Light, composed of blue-violet (harmful for the eyes) and turquoise-blue (beneficial, promoting sleep hormone, arousal and memory) 


- UV, ultraviolet (invisible and harmful) 

- The remainder of visible light (beneficial), which goes from green to red through yellow and orange. 

 Blue light has short wavelengths, its spectrum ranging between 380 to 500 nanometers, and deploying great energy.

the light spectrum

Oh I see ! But where does the blue light come from ?

Blue light is omnipresent. Outside, it is emitted by the sun (sunlight, daylight and other natural light source), and colliding with the molecules of air, it creates the blue color of the sky. The turquoise-blue light is beneficial to our body, and acts as a regulator on our circadian cycle, that is to say the phases of awakening and sleep. In addition, it makes us more alert and more responsive, and contributes to our good mood and our well-being.

The multiple sources of the blue light

Blue light is also present everywhere in our homes, our cars, our work, our supermarkets and the whole modern world, since it is found in all artificial light sources such as LED bulbs, and fluorescent lights in most digital displays such as TV screens, desktops, laptops, tablets or smartphones.

Ok ! And what are the effects of the blue light ?

Scientific studies have shown that blue light disrupts sleep cycles. This is confirmed in particular by a study conducted by Professor Paul Gringas, a physician at the Evelina Children's Hospital in London, with the help of researchers from King's College London and the University of Surrey, which appeared in the journal In Frontiers Public HealthThe study shows that the blue light of the screens disrupts the production of melatonin, normally secreted at the end of the day to help fall asleep, and that to stay in front of the screen at the end of the evening or expose yourself to the blue light at night can postpone his sleep for an hour. 

Nowadays, many effects of blue light have been found by science. 

Here is a non-exhaustive list : eye fatigue, red and dry eyes, blurred vision, headache, neck pain, difficulty concentrating, dizziness, difficulty falling asleep, sleep disorder...

These effects mainly concern people who spend a lot of time behind a screen: at work, watching a movie, during a game of videogames, consulting a lot with their smartphone ...

Bluelight side effects

Stormfull's solution

bluelight blocking glasses

The StormEyes Ultimate glasses

Thanks to their protective lenses and its special treatment, these glasses helps to protect the eyes from the dangers of blue light from all types of screens (computers, tablets, TV, videos, smartphones ...).

The anti blue light glasses have become a reference. They are even used in videogame competitions where players must show concentration for hours in front of a screen.

Nate hill wearing bluelight blocking glasses
Clix wearing bluelight blocking glasses
Aydan wearing bluelight blocking glasses

Team at Stormfull knows how important health of their customers is and thats why theyintroduced "StormEyes - The ultimate eyewear for gamers". These Blue-light blocking Glasses come in 5 different styles : bright black, matte black, brown black, brown and our favorite one - leopard.

The advantages of your StormEyes glasses

- Protects your eyes ✔

- Prevents you from health issues ✔

- Improves your focus ✔

- Reduces Your Fatigue 

- Repairs your insomnia-related problems caused by blue light ✔

before  - after result blocking bluelight

Here are 10 extra tips you can apply to limit visual fatigue in front of screens

- Adjust the brightness of the screen 

- Choose a cold gray wallpaper 

- Look at the screen from the front and avoid tilting it 

- Lower outdoor lighting, compete with the screen 

- Limit time spent watching TV, computer, tablet or phone 

- Take 5 minutes breaks every hour 

- Leave a distance of 60 centimeters between the eyes and the screen 

- Clean your screens regularly: a screen without dust or stains limits glareIncreasing text size helps make reading easier and more comfortable for the eyes 

- Blinking of the eyes regularly increases the production of tears and makes it possible to fight against the dry eye