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Good Posture, Better Performance: How Your Gaming posture affects your health

Good Posture, Better Performance: How Your Gaming posture affects your health

What is posture? Posture is the position of your body when you are not moving (Static) or when you are moving (Dynamic). It is important to know that we will be mostly referring the your static posture in relation to gaming.

Is posture important?

Now that we know what it is, lets go ahead and talk about he importance of posture and how this can affect you. Posture has an important role in muscle efficiency, breathing, mobility and injury prevention. When we have poor posture, our muscles have to work harder to hold our bodies up, we have more labored breathing, our overall mobility is affected and we increase our risk for several musculoskeletal injuries. Posture also has an import role in maintaining a healthy spine which regulates our body's sensory and autonomic functions. It can also play a role in how efficiently your lungs can take in oxygen and how easy it is to breathe.

How is this important for gaming ?

As mentioned before, when you are gaming on a keyboard and mouse or controller, you are static, but you are still using the small repeated movements of the hands, wrists and shoulders. So what about the muscles and joints that’s hold us in our gaming positions?

A big reason why posture is so important is because it allows gamers to minimize the work load in our muscles while gaming for extended periods of time to reduce the risk of injury. Injuries while gaming you ask?

Gaming injuries can be debilitating. Retirement from esports is typically due to having carpal or cubital tunnel syndromes or chronic overuse tendonitis of the wrist and thumb. If you follow eSports, you have probably heard of one or more gamers getting one of these injuries.

bad posture and good posture while gaming or using a computer

The posture on the left is a classic representation of how most gamers sit. 

Hunched over with roundedshoulders looking like they are about to fall asleep. 

This can result in muscle imbalances and even increase your likely hood of getting injuries playing sports or going to the gym because of the some muscles being shortened while others become elongated. In this position, it becomes even harder to breathe due to our lunges not being able to expand fully. Excess amounts of gaming in this position can lead to plenty of health issues that can happen. If you don't correct the syndrome when you're young, you'll be prone to more of a hunchback as you age, and possibly lots of other issues

So is there actually a good way to game?

Of Course there is, but first you need to learn what good posture looks like. Sit up straight, put your shoulders down and back, and tuck your chin. A 2014 study found that people who sat up straight reported being in a better mood than people who slouched. 

While you don’t have to be a gym rat to negate the hours you spend gaming and sitting, you should aim for workouts at least 30 minutes per week. It is easy to tell if you have been slacking off. You can turn to the side of a mirror and look at your posture while in a relaxed state and be able to tell. If your neck extends forward or you're starting to get a hunch in your upper back, then you need more exercise.

“I know the effects of bad posture but it is just too hard to break my habit”

You are not alone. For most people, it takes 67 days on average to break a habit and replace it with anew one. Does that mean that you have to stay self-conscious of your posture for over two months? You can always purchase a Body Posture Corrector that is durable, adjustable and easy to use. Using a well knows posture corrector can make the transition to having good posture super easy.

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