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Due to a stock shortage, delivery times are delayed by a week. Thank you for your understanding.

Due to a stock shortage, delivery times are delayed by a week. Thank you for your understanding.

Body Posture Corrector
Body Posture CorrectorBody Posture CorrectorBody Posture Corrector

Body Posture Corrector

  • Keep a good posture

  • Avoid back pain

  • Preserve your health

  • easy to use



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Stormfull Posture Corrector™, for gamers, granny and everyone in between.

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The benefits of a good posture

Good posture is healthy

When we have good posture, the muscles surrounding the spine are balanced and supporting the body equally. Good posture helps keep bones and joints in the correct position to prevent any muscle imbalances and decrease injury rate as well as decrease the wear and tear on your joints. Good posture also helps make for a healthy spine which regulates our body's sensory and autonomic functions. on the contrary, bad posture can decrease your lung capacity and compress your lungs making it more difficult to breathe. Poor posture can cause tension headaches, due to increased muscle tension in the back of the neck. Often if we correct our posture, we can reduce muscle tension and improve our headaches.

Good posture increases confidence and appearence

Having good posture can improve your confidence mood and overall health. Researchers at several top academic institutions, including Harvard, have been studying the link between bad posture and the brain and their recent findings show that improving posture can improve the brain’s function, and thus your mood and memory levels. Researchers found when standing in a confident, tall stance, your decision-making is subconsciously affected. 

Good posture can increase your energy levels

When your bones and joints are in the correct alignment with one another, it allows the muscles to relax and do what they are intended to do so that you'll have more energy and less fatigue. It's basically because the muscles don't have to work as hard on normal daily tasks and to do what they are supposed to do.

back posture corrector before after

Comfortable, adjustable, easy to use 

The Stormfull Posture Corrector is exclusively made for your comfort. Our Clavicle brace comes in Medium and Large Sizes to fit everyone's needs. Start wearing it for 20-30 minutes a day & feel the difference.

back posture corrector for every situation

Durable quality and soft fabric 

Our Posture support was made exclusively with your comfort in mind. The adjustable clavicle brace comes in Medium and Large sizes to fit anyone's needs.

undetectable posture corrector under clothes

Undetectable behind clothes 

If you are afraid of feeling self-conscious, then there is nothing to fear because the brace is completely invisible behind clothing. our discreet design is perfect for when you're on the go.

Size & how to wear it

easy to put back posture corrector
posture corrector size

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