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Party LED Purge Mask

Party LED Purge Mask


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Material: PVC + EL Wire

Size: 8.6in x 6.8in (Suitable for teenagers and adults)

Type: Ball Mask 

Battery Type: 2 x AA batteries (not included)

Estimated delivery time

Usa : 2 - 3 weeks

Puerto Rico : 3 - 4 weeks

Canada : 2  - 3 weeks

Australia 2 - 4 weeks

Western Europe : 2 - 3 weeks

Eastern Europe : 3 - 5 weeks

South America : 2 - 6 weeks

Mexico : 1 - 2 months

South Africa : 1 - 2 months

Other : 2 - 5 weeks

The Mask You Need 

Throw on the original Purge mask with any outfit and get ready to enter Halloween in spectacular fashion. These masks are extremely convenient and look awesome wherever you go. With several different colors for you to choose from, there's a mask for every outfit you have !

Yellow halloween led mask stylish

Easy To Turn on 

The LED lights are turned on and off using the button on the controller that can easily be hidden in your clothing.

Girls wearing halloween mask on a party


Throw on the original Purge mask with  any   outfit and get ready to enter  Halloween in   spectacular fashion.  These   masks are   extremely  convenient  and   look  awesome   wherever you go. With   several different   colors for you to choose   from, there's a   mask  for every outfit you   have !

girls dancing with halloween mask

100% Safe 

The lights are guaranteed safe, emitting absolutely zero heat and 0% UV light. They will not fatigue or damage your eyes or skin in any way.

stylish green halloween mask

Long Battery Life 

The Mask is powered by AA Batteries and lasts extremely long due to its power efficiency and low battery consumption.

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