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SleepPad™ Orthopedic Leg Pillow

SleepPad™ Orthopedic Leg Pillow

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    Spinal Alignment

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    Boosts Energy

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    Relieves Back, Hip, & Joint Pain

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    Stress Relief

Quality Sleep is Just as Important as How Much You Sleep

Why do i need this?

Over 67% of Americans sleep on their side.  It is very tempting for us to want to get comfortable and warm on our sides, however, in these side positions your posture is all out of alignment and cause neck, hip, knee, and back pain.

While sleeping on your sides, all of the tension on your body gets exerted onto your hips, spine, and knees, especially as the night goes on and your muscles loosen up. Bad posture and lower back pain can negatively effect your life, mood, happiness, productivity, and performance. 

The StormPillow gives knees full range of mobility, provides support for the pelvic regionand stabalizes the lower back.  Stop letting lower body pains effect your life.

Prevents Knee Pain

  • Tapered edges give your knees full range of  mobility to allow you to move throughout the night. 
  • Removes Bone on Bone contact in your knees by evenly distributing the weight through your lower body.

Improves Sleeping Posture

  • Natural alignment stabilizes pelvis & lower back
  • Prevents your sleeping position from pulling on your spine and getting it out of alignment, keeping your body in a good sleeping posture.

Relieves Lower Back Arch

  • Having an arch in your lower back creates the look of an enlarged stomach and even increases the pressure in your hips and knees.
  • The Stormpillow evenly distributes your weight while sleeping to alleviate the arch in your lower back

Reduces Hip & Back Pain

  • Use the right method relieves pain in the back, hips, knees and ankles. Just put it between the thighs or below the knees to help relieve your specific pain.

Patented Ergonomic Shape

Relieves Muscle Imbalances and soreness

  • The cushion helps improve blood circulation so that your body can recover at night much more effectively. 
  • Proper blood flow is circulated in the body evenly to help alleviate any muscle imbalances that can occur from working out at the gym or constant hours of typing or writing. 

Comfort Guaranteed 

  • Allows you to sleep comfortably in any position & move freely through the night
  • Cooling material prevents you from feeling hot like traditional memory foam leg pillows
  • Advanced high-density memory foam: Made of 100% high-quality durable cut memory foam, and it can maintain comfort for a long time, which is better than other pillows. It will not become flat over time.

50% off for a Limited Time to Support 

Posture & Night Overturning Sufferers 

After countless testing, We created the perfect memory

foam specially designed to support muscle and joint 

pain. With this material you will Experience the 

ultimate coziness that is backed by science and proven 

to keep you more dry and cool during the night than

other materials

Try BioPad™ Risk free for 30 nights and return it if 

for some reason you decide that you are unsatisfied. 

  • Italian Trulli

    Quality Sleep

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    Laboratory Tested

  • Italian Trulli


  • Italian Trulli


  • Italian Trulli



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