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  • Fully Adjustable Height

  • Work Anywhere

  • Fits any Laptop up to 17"

  • Removable Mouse Pad


Why Do I Need This?

If you're working from home during quarantine, but without the benefit of a traditional home office setup that includes the desk, the fancy office chair, a nice webcam and all the works, relax.  Some people prefer to work on the couch, kitchen table and on their bed. 

 working and sitting in these places for a elongated period of time can be troublesome for your body, but after using a StormDesk, your back, neck and wrists will thank you and make you much more productive.

Bluelight filtering with and without bluelight glasses

Making Computing Confortable

Starring at your computer for too long can cause eye fatigue either by your computer monitor being too close (making your eyes work harder to focus) or too far away (making your eyes strain to read small prints)

Back pain can be a common problem when working in an uncomfortable position. Use as a standing desk, full size sitting desk, on the couch, in bed or wherever you want to use your laptop comfortably!

Bluelight filtering with and without bluelight glasses

Use Your Laptop at your Desk on your Couch!

  • Stretch your legs, move around and get comfortable

  • Aluminum panel keeps your laptop cool

  • Keep Your posture straight and your body in tip-top shape

Compact & Premium Built

Connect your lights to our Remote control for even more fun and exciting functionalities. Easily change between light patterns to find the perfect fit for your environment.

Mountable Mouse Pad

This durable long lasting LED light strip lasts for an extended period of time of over 35,000 hours. 

Good Posture Anywhere

Low electricity consumption. 100% safe for you and the environment! Low carbon, no radiation, and no flicker.

Fully Adjustable 360 ° Legs

Flexible ribbon with a powerful adhesive backside. Easily sticks to clean and flat surfaces.

Mountable Mouse Pad

Multi-Purpose Funcionality

-The desk is suitable for both indoors and outdoors use. It can also be used as a breakfast in bed and dinner tray,

- Other ways this can used include standing desk, book tray, writing desk, gaming table, fordable laptop Desk, laptop riser, desk riser, laptop holder, cooling pad and much more.

-This adjustable laptop workstation can be customized to any position and features ventilation holes for proper heat dissipation. Now use your laptop for hours anytime, anywhere.

Bluelight filtering with and without bluelight glasses


  • Work Anywhere - Use as a standing desk, full-size sitting desk, on the couch, in bed or wherever you want to use your laptop comfortably.
  • Strong Build - Made from Aluminum-Magnesium-Alloy, this desk was built to last.
  • Included Mouse Panel - Included side mouse panel attachment can also double as a drink holder.
  • Light Weight & Portable - Only 1.2 kg, take this desk with you wherever you go.
  • Adjustable Legs - The desk legs can be adjusted into many different configurations and whatever height you desire.
  • Muti-Purpose - Desk can be used as a Breakfast Tray, Standing Desk, Book Tray, Writing Desk, Tablet Holder, Stand-Up Desk, Gaming Table, Notebook Stand, Keyboard Lift, Laptop Tray, Keyboard Riser, Foldable Laptop Desk, Cooling Pad, Computer Stand for Laptop, Folding Tray Table, Standing Desk Converter, Laptop Base, Ergonomic Laptop Riser, Desk Raiser, Laptop Holder or however you wish to use it!